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Server Added: Sep 22, 2017
Added by: Tom
Last Updated: Sep 23, 2017

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Run 8 V2

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Southeast Rail Simulations is starting up operations on 9/23/2017.  Our focus is on prototypical operation and car movements over the CSX A-Line and Waycross Expansion. This server has a long history and a solid operating system. Come join us to see what our operation is all about!

We run the server 24/7 and have DS on duty when available. Our operations have been in flux since the release of the Waycross Expansion but the group is working expanding the system. Stay tuned for updates!

To obtain server connectivity information you are required to register at our Website/Forum URL after reading the introductory information. We are a tight knit group dedicated to Run 8 and expanding the user base. We look forward to helping those who are not familiar with the A-Line learn the system.

Become a member to see how we do it with Southeastern Style!

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