New Luna Republic Railroad

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Server Added: May 1, 2017
Added by: Delta-6
Last Updated: Sep 13, 2018

Hosted Server Regions & Routes

Run 8 V1
Southern California
Mojave, Needles, Cajon

Run 8 V2
Southern California
Mojave, Needles, Cajon, Seligman, LA

Selkirk, Mohawk

Community Sites

  Facebook Group

Community Details

The New Luna Republic Railroad is a dynamic story-line driven server similar to other Run8 24/7 servers. but different in every other way. Certain trains created in the server help move the story-line along and the outcome can be changed at any moment. The players (and the staff to some extent) decide where the story goes. The routes take place in Equestria and span the entire nation (Located on the planet Equus). (Yes, MLP related, I know, but the story is very extensive, but I won't bore you with it. You can find the work-in-progress storyline on our website!)

Version 1 Legacy Server Support is available. My associate, GoRail, manages that aspect and we are currently running the CSX A-Line on an "as-needed" basis. Connection information is the same as the Secondary V2 Server mentioned above.

We have a website, a Facebook Page (and group), a TeamSpeak, a Discord Voice chat Server and a forum for the entire Run8 community.

Facebook Page:


Server Connection Info

Server Region IP Address Port Password
V1 Southern California 15196 Overwatch
V2 Southern California 15197 Celestia67
V2 Southeast 15197 AMTK514


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