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Welcome to Run8Servers.com.

Here users can advertise their Run 8 Train Simulator community as well as post and manage their multiplayer sessions for Run 8 Train Simulator..

Here's a look at some of the tools offered:

  • Community and Session Posting: Submit a community or session and let the everyone know! Include information like the server IP address, teamspeak server info, projected trains and more.
  • Session Signup: When you submit a session you have the option to allow users to sign up for that session. This will give you an idea of how many users to expect, who they are, what time they plan to come and kind of pool they want to be in. Hosts will recieve an email alert when someone signs up for their session.
  • Bid Board: Another optional tool available is the Bid Board. All the trains and positions you've added will appear on your session page. Here users will be able to place a bid on an assignment based on their session preference.

    From a user's perspective, they will be able to view all trains and their details such as Symbol, Name, Length, etc... If you specify any work orders for a train, a link to view and print those will appear on the listing. Once an item has been bid on, it will no longer available for additional bidding.
  • Session Active State: Create a session but keep it hidden while you make changes or if you need to cancel a session for rescheduling. Also, any active session will turn to an inactive state 12 hours after its' start time. This lets you save your past sessions for re-use in the future if you want.
  • Bid Board Active State: Lets you set your bid board as "inactive", allowing you to add all your trains and positions before opening them up for bidding.
  • Bid Board Manager: Add/Edit/Delete all the trains and positions on your Session's Bid Board.
  • Ops Board: A top level look at your session shows all your trains, locals, and positions along with users signed up for each group and their check-in status. Here you can manually assign/remove users from assignments.
  • Secondary Admin: If you're running a session with a friend, you have the ability to specify their Run8Server.com username as a secondary admin. This will make your session appear in their session list and give them the ability to edit all aspects of the session except for deleting it.
  • User list: See everyone that signed up for your session, their session preferences, arrival time and any special requests they may have.
  • Bid Cancellation: If a user can't make a session they can simply login to their account and cancel their bid.
  • Session Check-In: On the day of a session, a "Check-In" link will appear on user's "My Account" page for the bid they hold for that session. Once they check-in, it'll mark them as so on the hoster's bid board manager page. Helpful to see if/when users show up for a session.
  • Projected Trains: An alternative to the bid board is Projected Trains. This will let you simply post a list of trains you plan on running in your session without using the bidboard.



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Run 8 Train Simulator is developed by Run 8 Studios. To learn more and to purchase, visit www.run8studios.com